Cottage Keeper


Fall/Winter Homes

Come and experience Winter in Central Wisconsin!

Pet Friendly!

Bring your furry family member to enjoy you vacation!

Sunrise Cove

Sleeps 16+

7 bedroom / 3 bath

Arbor Shores

Sleeps 14

5 bedroom / 4 bath

Eagle Bay

Sleeps 14

5 bedroom / 3 bath

Shoreline Timbers

Sleeps 14

6 bedroom / 3 bath

Eagles Lodge

Sleeps 13

5 bedroom / 4 bath

Peaceful Pines

Sleeps 13

4 bedroom / 4 bath

Gooseneck Landing

Sleeps 12

4 bedroom / 3 bath

Water’s Edge Lodge

Sleeps 12 or 8

5 or 3 bedroom / 5.5 or 3.5 bath

Pine Ridge Shores

Sleeps 12

4 bedroom / 2.5 bath

Celtic Lodge

Sleeps 11

4 bedroom / 3 bath

WI River Retreat

Sleeps 11

5 bedroom / 4.5 bath

LakeView Terrace

Sleeps 11

4 bedroom / 3 bath

Harbor View

Sleeps 10

4 bedroom / 2 bath

Alpine Greens

Sleeps 8

3 bedroom / 3 bath

Fairway Trails

Sleeps 8

3 bedroom / 2 bath

Arrowhead Getaway

Sleeps 8

5 bedroom / 2 bath

Fish Tale Cottage

Sleeps 8

2 bedroom / 1.5 bath

Gooseneck Point

Sleeps 6

3 bedroom / 2 bath

Cozy Cabins

Sleeps 3 or 6

2 or 4 bedroom / 1 or 2 bath

Castle Rock Lake Vacation Rentals

Here at Cottage Keeper, we are proud to offer a large selection of vacation rentals that are tailored towards any occasion and budget level. That includes those who want to make the most of their time taking in the picturesque landscape of Castle Rock Lake, with 13,600 acres of water pleasure! You can ensure the place you stay at will be a part of that same unforgettable experience with our Castle Rock Lake vacation rentals!

Lake Petenwell Vacation Rentals

Lake Petenwell is Wisconsin’s second largest lake, and one of its most beautiful (with 23,000 acres for your water activities). Surrounding the lake is one-of-a-kind forests and wilderness. What better way to vacation than on a lake where the fishing is great and the living is even better? No wonder why Lake Petenwell is one of the best vacation destinations in all of Wisconsin!

Rome / Sand Valley / Lake Arrowhead Vacation Rentals

Lake Arrowhead is known for gorgeous vistas, water, events and some of the best premiere golfing in Wisconsin. Take in a few rounds at 2 championship golf courses at Arrowhead or the new Sand Valley Golf Course … or travel 15 minutes to Northern Bay Castle Course, the midwest’s only replica course. If looking to take a vacation to this stunning location, you will be able to indulge in some of the best Lake Arrowhead vacation rentals in the area with the help of Cottage Keeper!

Pet Friendly Homes

We have a whole host of charming and uniquely private cabins, homes, and other rental properties to make sure you can spend some quality time with your friends or family members. Plus, if you happen to have a pet, we can also help you find the perfect pet-friendly properties so you won’t have to go without your companion. With us as your partner, you will enjoy the wonderful accommodations of our Cottage Keeper vacation rentals!  (See Booking Info page for more details.)